Its no secret that I am getting more and more sentimental with each passing day. Walk into my house and you’ll find photos on every wall, photo albums in every cupboard and our home videos saved on every cloud device. Lets not even go into what is in my loft! 

It comes from my mum, she instilled in me the love for photo albums. She has mine & my sister's childhood documented in photos, stuck into albums & scrapbooks that to this day are my most treasured family possessions. I have shoeboxes full of 6x4 photos printed since my teenage years right up to now. I love nothing more than flicking through photos, its just not the same on an iPad! What I do know though is I am the exception not the rule, not many people still print & album their photos now in the digital world we live in. 

I really worry sometimes that I'm not actually doing the right thing by giving my couples their digital files with no album, its seems so unfinished to me to see a wedding day unfold, edit those images and hand them over but know they're on a USB somewhere and not bound in print. I'll keep pondering on that dilemma but I wanted to give you 5 things you need to know about having a wedding album and let you see what you think!

1// It is undoubtedly the most BEAUTIFUL way to look at your wedding photos

You can look turn the computer or the iPad on, dig out your memory stick or look at them in tiny on your mobile phone gallery. Sure, why not! But there’s something so lovely about sitting down with a cuppa or a glass of wine and looking though an album of printed images. The way the pages feel, the weight of the book in your hands, that excited moment when you show someone your wedding photos and don't need to wait for the computer to load. Its unbeatable!

2// Digital media is ever changing

Remember floppy disks? They were revolutionary at the time, good luck accessing one now! New computers no longer have USB ports (they've changed to USB-C), nor CD drives, everyone has music on their phones… You can see where I’m going with this.

Although I deliver images digitally and on USB, I have no idea if that’s really future proof and in more recent times it keeps me awake at night worrying about because I really believe they'll be obsolete in the very near future…

What’s more data can corrupt! (PS have you backed up your images somewhere?) Printing your photographs in a beautiful album means that your images will exist for a life time and longer. My albums are handmade, built to last and album pages are printed on beautiful paper that will still look as amazing in its 100th year as it does in it's first.

3// It's your legacy!

Picture the scene - its the year 2071, you're celebrating your 50 year golden anniversary surrounded by friends and family and they want to see photos of your wedding day. You dig out a little stick with a funny metal bit on the end and say they're all on there, the younger generations ask what on earth it is, they ask the holographic Alexa that lives in the house and she says its an antique relic from the year 2021 ... Ok I may have used some artistic license there but you get my point. Tried playing a VHS home video lately? Its not easy!

How much nicer would it be if you produce a lovely box with your names on, and inside is a beautifully bound album with photographs filling the pages that bring back all those lovely memories for you to tell stories of the day? You invest so much in your wedding day, and then in the photography, so to just leave without that final piece of the story just makes my heart ache!

4// The quality will last 100 years+ - guaranteed!

I know heirloom is a bit of a buzz word when it comes to weddings but when it comes to wedding albums it really is true. Printing photos is truly an art in itself, everything from the ink used, the paper chosen, the printer itself even has a huge effect on the final result. The supplier I work with uses the highest quality methods to ensure the final result is of archival quality, meaning its guaranteed to last 100 years+. You won't find that with your high street printing options.

5// Ever get stuck for Christmas gifts? Consider it sorted!

When you order an album from me, I can replicate that design into smaller duplicates that you can then gift to parents & grandparents. Imagine that on Christmas morning, in a beautiful matching box, tied with ribbon and inside is their own personal copy of your wedding day and all the memories that holds. Plus, the more copies you order the bigger the discount so thats all the family sorted this year!

So, do you NEED an album?

Drop me an email to book one in!