Its no secret that I am getting more and more sentimental with each passing day. Walk into my house and you’ll find photos on every wall, photo albums in every cupboard and our home videos saved on every cloud device. Lets not even go into what is in my loft! 

It comes from my mum, she instilled in me the love for photo albums. She has our childhoods documented in photos stuck into albums & scrapbooks that to this day are our most treasured family possessions. I have shoeboxes full of 6x4 photos printed since my teenage years right up to now. I love nothing more than flicking through photos, its just not the same on an iPad! What I do know though is I am the exception not the rule, not many people still print & album their photos now in the digital world we live in. 

I also know though how we have the best intentions to print our memories but life gets in the way. I’ve been married since 2012, only just got round to making myself a proper album for our 7th anniversary!

I’m rambling, but my point is 1) printed photographs are really important and 2) we never have the time to print and collate, and with that in mind I wanted to talk about why having a wedding album is so important.

Looking at your photos in print is much nicer

You can look turn the computer or the iPad on, dig out your memory stick or look at them in tiny on your mobile phone gallery. Sure, why not! But there’s something so lovely about sitting down with a cuppa or a glass of wine and looking though an album of printed images. 

Digital media is changing

Remember floppy disks? They were revolutionary at the time, good luck accessing one now! New computers no longer have USB ports, nor CD drives, everyone has music on their phones… You can see where I’m going. Although I deliver images digitally and on USB, I have no idea if that’s really future proof… What’s more data can corrupt! (PS have you backed up your images somewhere?) Printing your photographs in a beautiful album means that your images will exist for a life time and longer. My albums are handmade, built to last and album pages are printed on beautiful paper that is really durable.

Add to your family’s photographic legacy

I love looking back at old photographs and I know my kids do too… It absolutely makes my heart burst to think that photographs I take for myself and for my clients could be looked back on in 100, 200 years time as a little snap shot of my family’s history, and your wedding album should definitely be part of that legacy.

Because it looks beautiful

Almost as good as just because. You planned hard to make your wedding day exactly as you wanted and you invested in photography to capture your day, why wouldn’t you want to put your photographs into a beautiful album?

Can’t I just get one cheap online?

Absolutely, you will have a print license that allows you to do just that. However, a) we’ve already established that we don’t have enough hours in the day and b) buy with caution. You’re definitely not going to get the same quality buying from a high street supplier that you will from an album maker who supply only directly to photographers. Their print is likely automated too, so there’s no guarantee that the colours will be consistent and that print will be of good quality.

When you buy an album from me, you’re investing in an heirloom, not just a photo album. You’re also investing in my eye and skill to lay out your photos and create the most gorgeous design with the images you choose. I have a relationship with my album supplier so I know that print quality is excellent and that colours print the way I want them to print, so your photos look as good in print as they do on screen.

Discount on albums until the end of August 2020!

This year has been rubbish enough hasn't it but I have a little bit of good news! Albums are on offer until 31st August 2020 so if you've had your wedding already but not got round to doing an album yet, now is your chance to grab one with a 10% discount!

Just drop me a message to book in.