Today we are talking all about bridal hair!

I am no hair expert so I have asked my good friend and fabulous Essex Wedding Hair Stylist, Tara, to give you all the best tips & tricks for all things wedding hair related. We've worked together on some of my favourite weddings in the past and she is amazing. Even in the windiest conditions I can confirm her hair styles stay put and they really do last all day looking as beautiful as they did in the morning. You can find her contact details at the bottom of this post if you'd like to chat to her more about your own wedding.

My name is Tara,

I have been travelling over Essex creating beautiful styles for brides for over 15years, I am a trained hairdresser specialising in bridal hair. I just love being creative and all things weddings, I have been concentrating on bridal hair over the last 5 years, building up an extensive portfolio and attending several masterclasses with award winning stylists to keep on trend. 

Choosing your hairstylist

This needs to be done 6 months to a year before your wedding day. Great hairstylists get booked up ever so quickly, I have bookings up to 2 years in advance. Friends and family are a good call to ask for recommendations, venues often have a list of their preferred suppliers. Also, Instagram is a fantastic for finding a supplier as well as inspiration, do check out their portfolio- Do you like what you see? Think about what kind of person you would like to have around on your wedding morning, Testimonials are great to see what kind of stylist they are and how they work. 

How to have your hair on your big day

It's always a difficult one as it's something you haven't trialled before. Do you go big or do you go low and soft? Don't let the opinions of family and friends guide your hairstyle, this is a mistake I’ve seen it too many times before, it can make you feel conflicted.

Having a hair trial is very important, trying out at least 2 styles to see which you prefer. Gather images of hairstyles you do and don't like, this gives your stylist a great idea of your style and the kind of look you are wanting to achieve. Even if you like the front of one or the side of another, hairstyles are adapted to suit the bride.

Face shape is important too, your stylist should be able to advise what would suit and what wouldn't. Showing your stylist pictures of your dress, flowers and your style will all help to create your wedding hair style.

On your trial day, wear a light colour top, perhaps off the shoulder or something pretty will all help to visualise how you will look on the day. Taking pictures at your trial and looking back over later to see what you do or perhaps don't like or would like to alter, again I personally would keep your hair a surprise as 1 negative comment could put you off the whole style. Make sure you communicate with your stylist, the more you do the better the end result. Your stylist will want your feedback and don’t be afraid to say what you do and don’t like. 

Getting prepared 

Start looking after your hair as soon as you have a date set, conditioning treatments and regular trims will help keep it in tip top condition. Shine is crucial to your gorgeous hair up; split ends and frizz will make it look dry. There are some amazing products on the market to help with humidity and keep it well conditioned, remember if you have long hair, just condition the mid-lengths and end’s as the roots have the natural oils from your scalp, you could run the risk of it looking greasy. 

Do you wash the day before or on the day?

I actually prefer freshly washed hair as you can get more volume, always best to check with your stylist. I send out a tips and preparation’s document to all my brides to pass around the bridal party to help alleviate any last-minute emails/messages “what do I do with my hair” Gone are the days of having hair that is a few days since washing, it can be flat, lifeless and in warmer months a little oily. 


Have you got a big bridal party? How do you work out the timings for the wedding morning? I always think its best to have a separate hair and makeup artist, often venues have restrictions as to when you can start your preparations leaving you 3-4 hours to get ready for a bridal party of 7, at your hair trial you should be given a timetable of who and what time each person to ensure a smooth and stress-free morning. A timetable is fantastic so the ones with children could be scheduled to come later, and your bridesmaids that are free can do any of those errands. Each person takes around 45mins to 1hour and for a 2pm wedding you need to be dressed and ready by 1pm to have photos taken and to meet with the registrar. 

Top Tip:

One of my biggest tips for you and your bridal party is no big bulky dressing gowns, these can ruffle up your hair especially if having a low hairstyle. Zip up/buttons tops are ideal, so you don’t mess up that gorgeous hair!

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