Their Story

We met in 2010 at a pub in Maldon and have been together ever since that night. We got engaged in 2015 and intended to get married sooner but as you know weddings are expensive so we decided to buy a house first which meant we ended up being engaged for 4 years. It was worth the wait in the end.

The Venue

We stumbled across Dove Barn by accident when Emma put in the wrong postcode. We were meant to be going to Houchins! It was meant to be!

Inspiration for the day

We wanted a relaxed small wedding but having such big families each meant even with just our closest friends and family we still had 60 guests. Dove Barn had an intimate feel but meant we could host that many guest comfortably.

What they wore

Having scoliosis I never thought I would be able to show my back on my wedding day. When I first tried the dress on I loved that I could show my back without seeing the scars. I loved the navy blue suits and the bridesmaids dress colours.

Richard brought me the back necklace I wore as a wedding present. I wore Coco Chanel perfume because I always wear it on special occasions and I chose blue dune shoes as one of the first presents Richard got me was a pair of dune shoes so I liked being able to wear dune on the wedding day.

Richard's navy suit was especially made for him, a present from his mum. He also had cuff links that were made from his Nan's ashes so she could be with him on the day too.

Cosmetology in Maldon did our hair and makeup. They are my hairdresser anyway and it was nice to have friendly faces of people who knew us as a family on the day.

“Your website stood out to us, I loved all the photographs of couples in flower fields and the way you captured their day. We loved having you there, thank you so much!”

The flowers

My close friend who I worked with did our flowers. She used to do floristry and offered to do it for us. They were absolutely stunning and I still look at them and think that it’s the most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever seen! I know I’m biased haha!

The cake

The cake was made by another friend from work who has a cake business on the side! 3 tier- chocolate, vanilla and lemon, with our flowers around the side. My little cousin dipped her finger in the icing!

All our stationery was designed by my sister-in law Gemma. She sketched wild flowers in a reef and we used that for our invitations as well.

For favours, we provided fudge, in brown paper packages tied with string, as it’s mine and Richards favourite.

For our decor, we collected lots of things for free. Jars, bunting, wooden pallets to give a natural feel.

The Ceremony

My dad walked me down the aisle. It was a special moment for both of us. He had recovered from quadruple bypass surgery the previous year. We considered moving the wedding forward when he was sick but he made a full recovery and it was a significant moment hence why he blubbed the whole way!

Our vows were such a special moment and I remember every second of it. It’s strange how special it is as I didn’t expect to feel that. Richard’s older sister also did a reading for us.

Favourite part of the day

So many different parts that make the whole day special and I remember it all so clearly. The best moments are in the little things like walking out of the ceremony as husband and wife or sitting at the table at dinner seeing everyone there.

The Reception

We had an amazing band called re:cover. We saw them at a friends wedding and they are great! Really got everyone up dancing!

Words of wisdom for future couples

The day is so special and it’s the little moments that mean the most. Do what’s best for you as a couple. It really doesn’t matter if things go wrong on the day. You won’t care! As long as you have your most important people around you that’s all that matters. Enjoy every second and take it all in. Enjoy the planning and preparation. It really is one of the best days of your life.