An honest post ...

So, here we are in another lockdown and though I completely understand the reasoning behind it, I am in equal measures, terrified and upset about what this will mean for my little but loved business.

I have put off writing this blog, but over the last few weeks I have had some wonderful clients contacting me and asking how they can best support my small business, and so I feel like now is the time to put this out there.

Firstly, let me thank you for all your amazing support. I have been so lucky to be surrounded by such understanding clients. Your kindness has blown me away. Secondly, let me just say that this has been an incredibly hard time for all small businesses, especially in the events and hospitality industries, and I am by no means the only one affected, but here is where I stand:

Given that I currently cannot shoot weddings or other events, and I'm not likely to be able to until the Spring at least now, my business come to a complete standstill. I am not a big business. My earnings don't go into offshore accounts or pay for holiday homes! They pay for after school clubs, Christmas gifts and new shoes for my two children. I have worked so incredibly hard to build my business and I love my job, it offers me an amazing creative outlet, but it also offers opportunities to my children that we would otherwise not be able to afford and so understandably, I want to do everything I can to preserve that.

So, for those of you who have contacted me and asked how you can support me and my family through this time, THANK YOU. Thank you a million times over. Just knowing you are thinking of us means the absolute world. Below, I've listed a few ways you can help me, and other businesses like me, over the coming months.

If you haven't already ordered an album, please consider doing so. Not only will this help me, but an album is truly an heirloom piece. Something you will treasure forever. Online pics are great, but I honestly believe you can't beat flicking through an album. Plus, they make brilliant presents! 

Order a print. If your parents or grandparents are anything like mine, nothing beats a framed print as a pressie! Christmas is coming up and everyone misses family. What a great way to bring a smile. 

Gift vouchers. Buying a gift voucher will help sustain my business during lockdown, but aside from that, giving people the gift of a shoot is such an incredible gift. You're basically giving them the opportunity to capture a moment and treasure it forever. What beats that? You can purchase gift vouchers here

Refer me. If you know someone who is getting married, please give me a mention. My books are open and there's nothing I love more than talking weddings. 

Just share a post. It seems a simple one but just sharing one of my posts can make a huge difference. 

Google review. If you've used me and enjoyed your shoot and photographs, please consider leaving a Google review. It won't cost you anything but a few minutes of your time, but it will help my little business to grow. You can leave one for me by following this link

I hope these give you a few ideas of ways you can support small businesses during this difficult time. Again, thank you all, for your love and your messages of support. If I can help with any of the above please just get in touch. I would be so grateful for your support.

With my love and gratitude

Sophie x