Even my daydreams are wedding related ...

Over the last 5 years I've shot well over 100 weddings. Each one of them unique and awesome in their own right. As a photographer though, I have little wedding daydreams that I think about sometimes stuck on the M25, let's call it my wedding bucket list shall we? Things I'd love to shoot, or places I'd love to shoot or even just a theme.

I'd love to tick some of these off my bucket list so if you can help me do that then there is a little bonus discount in it for you if you fit the bill! If you think your wedding would give me a tick off my list then tell me all about it! The more detail the better so tell me everything.

  • A wedding in Santorini
  • A wedding in Mallorca
  • A wedding in a Scottish Loch!
  • A wedding on the Amalfi Coast
  • A Florida wedding
  • A wedding ceremony in the woods (I'm thinking Twilight Bella & Edward style so fairy lights & OTT flowers a must!)
  • A real life wedding proposal
  • A wedding at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
  • A wedding at Aynhoe Park
  • A wedding at Tunnels in Devon
  • A wedding in an old theatre
  • A fairground themed wedding - bumper cars are a must and/or a ferris wheel would be epic!
  • A wedding at Kew Gardens
  • A wedding with The Function Band!
  • A wedding at the Eden Project in Cornwall