If I had a £1 for every time a couple said to me "What do we do if it rains on the day" I'd be a super rich lady! The answer to this is simply we get on with it. Of all the things you can control on a wedding day, the elements is not one of them. But it doesn't always automatically spell disaster either. Being in Britain, we're used to the rain. I mean who hasn't had to get a brolly out to finish off a summer BBQ at least once in their lives? I got married in sunny Florida and we still had a huge thunderstorm the morning of my wedding.

COVER IMAGE: Beautiful rainbow following a storm at Granary Estates Wedding in Suffolk | ABOVE: getting the brollies out at Braxted Park

Embrace it!

Honestly the worst thing about rainy weddings isn't the rain itself but it's how people react to it. If you are happy to grab a brolly and embrace the rain then we will still get AMAZING photos I can promise you that. The rain isn't really an issue for a photographer as much as a couple who aren't willing to go out in it. Obviously if its torrential we'll hold off til it eases but once your main parts of the day are done will you really mind maybe getting a little bit wet? Besides, rainy days make for soft diffused light and that makes me as a photographer extremely happy!

PS. if your venue doesn't provide them you can rent brollies from this company www.brollybucket.co.uk 

Be Flexible

It very rarely rains literally all day long. So while a bit of rain during our allotted photo time is super annoying it's not the end of the world. I always keep a close eye on the forecast and if it looks like its going to dry up during your meal instead then it might be that you just relax and enjoy the extra mingling time earlier on and we'll pop out between one of your courses for photos instead. This beautiful photo of Sarah & Ben was in between their main course & dessert. It had been pouring down then when we looked out there was incredible dramatic sky in one direction with a glorious burnt orange sunset in the other. Mother nature at its finest! Don't stress this stuff though, I'm in charge of getting those photos so just leave it to me to worry about!

Dramatic skies over Gaynes Park Wedding Venue in Epping

Have a backup option for group shots.

Popping out with the two of you later on in the day is really easy to do but obviously gathering groups, not so much. So even in bad weather I'll aim to get your group shots done. We'll have a backup indoor location for this so be prepared for that and it may be that really large groups will need to be broken down into smaller ones. We'll get creative with it and get them one way or another but just be prepared for that plan B location.

A rainy day (not that you'd know it from this picture) at Baddow Park House in Chelmsford

Avoid the forecast!

I know how tempting it is to stalk metweather the before your wedding but please don't. The forecast changes almost hourly and its my job to stalk it. You'll see me on my weather app during the day and I'll have a pretty good idea of whats going on with it so you don't have to. Just relax and enjoy your day. What will be will be in terms of the weather so just roll with it!