My  top tips to do your wedding your way!


Weddings are so much fun to plan thats for sure, the build up is a huge part of all the excitement and it all comes down to one day at the end of it all. This understandably can create so much pressure on you, juggling all the finances, details, family members and all the different people involved to bring it all together.
As an Essex Wedding Photographer, I have pretty much seen it all so here are my top tips to reduce the stress, enjoy your planning stage and do your wedding, your way!


Essex Wedding PhotographerJacquie & Graham at Houchins, Coggeshall


Discuss things with the 2 of you first and make an ideal plan before speaking to family.

Families mean well, they really do. They want you to have the best wedding day and they’re understandably excited for you too. But sometimes they can get a bit swept away and maybe forget a little that it is your day, and not the family’s day. Trying to please everybody is going to get you nowhere fast, so have conversations about the guest list, traditions, who is going to sit where between the two of you first and decide what’s important before consulting your families


Essex Wedding PhotographerMia & Craig at Blake Hall, Ongar

What about the traditions?

Don’t like first dances? Don’t do one. Thought of a sit down meal make you feel all uncomfortable? Don’t have one! There really aren’t any hard and fast rules anymore when it comes to weddings, anything goes! Just because it’s the done thing doesn’t mean you have to do it. Break the rules and do it your own way.
With that being said, if you love all those time old traditions then do them! Don’t feel pressured to be different for the sake of being different. Theres nothing wrong with a bit of tradition every now & then! Better yet, why not start your own?

Sarah & Ben at Gaynes Park, Epping

Consider your timings carefully.

There are many reasons why you may be having an earlier or later ceremony and these might be totally out of your control. Later ceremony times especially can put a bit of strain on your timings if your venue can’t push their catering side a bit later to match. If you’re in this situation think of ways around this to avoid your reception feeling like a blur. Consider a first look to get those couple portraits out of the way before the wedding itself, and really think about how many group shots you’d like or if you really do need to do that receiving line.


Essex Wedding Photographer
Josh & Aimee at Friern Manor, Essex

Relax. Relax. Relax

Honestly, you’ve put every fibre of your being into this day and it will go past in a flash. Once your day is here there’s nothing more you can do so just sit back, sip the champagne and marvel at your incredible work! You are only going to do this once so enjoy every single second and let whatever will be, be.

Sarah & Ben at Gaynes Park, Epping


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