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Crazy times we're living in huh?

Whether you're here because you've already booked a wedding before COVID hit, you're looking at having to postpone for the first (or second or third time!) or booking a 2022 wedding and uneasy about what planning a wedding with all this uncertainty means, I have brought together lots of information for you on this page.

This is all unprecedented times and none of us have dealt with this before so if there is something in particular you're worried about, just reach out and I'd be more than happy to have a conversation with you about it.

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Update as of 28th September 2020

  • The number allowed at a wedding or reception is reduced to 15
  • This does not include anyone who is working ie registrars, venue staff, photographers
  • Receptions may only consist of a sit down meal
  • This guidance is expected to be in place for 6 months but may be reviewed earlier

Update as of January 2021

  • Weddings are currently not allowed in this 3rd lockdown unless in extreme circumstances
  • Boris Johnson has said he sees weddings returning after Easter
  • The wedding taskforce has had meetings with the government who were willing to listen & help put together a plan for reopening, we are currently awaiting the outcome of these discussions

These updates were a massive blow to our industry on both sides. For couples who are facing postponing their wedding days all over again, for the suppliers like myself who have lost a full year of weddings & income. I remain dedicated to making the postponement process as easy as I can for my couples. Remember love can not be cancelled, whether you decide to go ahead with a micro wedding or postpone so you can have your full day I am here for you!


I know this such a strange time, you're excited about your wedding in 2022 or even 2023 and want to get booking but feel unsure. There has been a lot of noise about the negative encounters with suppliers when it comes to postponing, but the majority of us are here to support you and have put in place fully flexible plans for COVID. I asked a few of my 2020 couples for their real life experiences when it came to postponing their weddings which might help put your mind at ease


If you are looking for further advice, guidelines or just some support from other brides & grooms to be then I've gathered 3 of the best sources for you below.

Tying the knot anyway? Let's do it!

Ceremony Only

Up to 1.5 hours
Coverage from 20 minutes before your ceremony, the ceremony itself & portraits & a confetti shot afterwards
All your final edited images in an online gallery & via download
For ceremonies within 1 hour of CM6, mileage fees apply beyond this


Ceremony & portraits

Up to 3 hours
Coverage before your ceremony, the ceremony itself & family portraits & confetti after
Couple photos at a location nearby
All your final edited images in an online gallery & via download


New bookings only for weddings taking place before 30th September 2021 in the UK for weddings up to 15 people

Travel included within 1 hour of Thaxted, travel fees will apply for venues further away

Bookings are secured with a non-refundable £100 deposit - balance is not due until 14 days before the wedding so we can go along with guideline changes

In the event of government ordered local or national lockdown your deposit will be refundable or transfer to a new date subject to availability

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