When it comes to your wedding day, I understand that choosing a photographer can be overwhelming; after all, of all the elements that make up your wedding day, photography is one of the only ones that will last your whole life through.

Knowing just how important it is, I believe in being completely clear about my approach, so you know exactly who I am, and what you’re getting when you hire me. 

I don’t believe in structured photos or forced poses as I don’t feel they truly capture your day or your personalities. I prefer to focus on the emotion, laughs and dance floor antics that you’ll want to relive in years to come!

I pride myself on being able to blend into the background, without ever missing a thing. I love people and I’ll be an honorary friend for the day, chatting with your guests so I am able to capture all the little moments, completely unnoticed.

Of all the things mentioned in reviews about me, it’s my ability to blend into a group that sets me apart. There isn't many people in this world I can't find some common ground with, and I can chat to anyone - an invaluable trait as a wedding photographer!

“From the moment we got in touch, she was professional, attentive and chilled out. She gave us so much helpful advice, reassurance and recommendations and we are so grateful.

Her photos are stunning and captured the day from every angle, without losing an ounce of emotion.”

I always get SO excited about every wedding I attend, but after the disaster that was 2020, I really am on cloud nine to be back doing what I love and I’ll always be on hand to help out with any questions or concerns you may have. I will send you a new client guide full of useful information when you book, as well as helpful blogs & client exclusive guides along the way. 

Need a last-minute stash of confetti? I’ve got ya!

Bridesmaid needs sewing into her dress? Been there, done that (twice, can you believe?!)

Groom can’t get his buttonhole on…pass it to this pro! 

And as for after the big day? Well, I can’t imagine anything worse than having to wait weeks to see the first images! So, you’ll receive a beautiful gallery of images within 48 hours, password protected and ready to share!  

Sound like a good fit? Then drop me a message and let’s say some proper hellos!

Hedingham Castle Wedding Reception