Highlights Films - COMING SOON!

2020 may have put a spanner in the works but with weddings finally resuming in all their glory in Summer 2021 I can't wait to launch my newest service - highlight films!

These films are in no way a replacement for a videographer. If a video is high priority for you then I can point you in the direction of some absolutely amazing videographers but for so many of my brides this isn't the case. Whether its due to budget, personal preference or something else, a highlights film is there to fill in the gaps that photos just can't quite fill.

Key points to note

  • I am there at your wedding anyway, so booking me for a mini film means that there isn't more cameras & bodies around than there would have been anyway
  • I will almost always prioritise photos over film (as thats what you booked me for ultimately) in key moments such as the first kiss or a confetti shot for example. I of course try to get both and many times I will do but the odd moments will crop up where I have to choose and photos will be my go to
  • I do not record audio, no full length speeches or ceremonies here. Your highlights film is set to an audio track

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